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 If you would like a reference for any of the employment listed below please just get in touch!

The University of East Anglia

Associate Tutor

October 2019 - present

As an Associate Tutor within the School of Mathematics I lead seminars and workshops for Undergraduate students. I am also responsible for a large portion of the marking (formative and summative) for the modules I teach.
During the final year of my MMath course I began assisting with Foundation year seminars. This progressed to leading the sessions for year 2 - 4 (Masters level) students once I had started my PhD.
By teaching younger students I have not only cemented the knowledge I gained as an undergraduate, but have also developed essential skills in presentation, communication and leadership. The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic have also given me the chance to practice teaching in online, in-person and hybrid environments.

Sportlink Specialist Sports Ltd.

Specialist Sales Assistant

October 2016 - present

Although my primary job at Sportlink is to sell running shoes, the job has a number of technical requirements. We offer a gait analysis service, meaning that all staff are given training in running-specific biomechanics and common running injuries. We must also have an intimate technical knowledge of well over 100 different shoes and the science behind a host of different materials and technologies. Above all else, though, this job requires excellent team-working and communication skills to provide the best customer service possible.
Since starting my PhD I have cut back the number of hours I take at Sportlink, however I still remain a part of the team as the skills I develop there are invaluable.

Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form College

Mathematics Tutor

November 2019 - March 2020

Alongside my teaching responsibilities within the School of Mathematics at UEA, I also took one day per week in my Masters year to tutor at a local sixth form college. This involved taking small group sessions (1-4 students typically) with year 12 and 13 students who were preparing for their A-Level exams. These sessions were run outside of their usual mathematics classes and were designed to fill knowledge gaps and build their confidence.

The Lincolnshire Runner Ltd.

Specialist Sales Assistant

December 2014 - October 2017

See description for Sportlink Specialist Sports Ltd.

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